First Sunday Daughter Reviews: March 2015

It’s March, it snowed yesterday, and the girls have been reading. since it’s too cold to go outside and even TV gets boring after a while. Actually, I’m in a bit of a tussle with K’s 3rd grade teacher. The teacher is down on “comic books” and has forbidden K to bring them to school or check them out at the school library. She says that she needs to read “real” books, ones that “challenge” her. Which makes me LIVID. 1) K’s reading, which is something she doesn’t do much, since she’s active and she prefers to be DOING something, so graphic novels (not “comic books”, thankyouverymuch) suit her temperament. And what do you mean that they’re not challenging her?? Just because they have pictures doesn’t mean they’re not 1) good or 2) advanced or 3) challenging. I’m probably still too annoyed to confront the teacher, and so for now, we’ve been searching for a good chapter book K likes that she can take to school to read to please her teacher. It all is very frustrating, though.

I did give her this, which is out in a couple of weeks. She seems to like it so far.

A is taking a break from book reports and found this sitting on my shelves

Ancient Rome? Magic? From the author who wrote The False Prince? She’s sold. (And really enjoying it so far!)

C is the one who doesn’t have much time for reading, between play practice, homework, and just being a teenager. Thankfully, she has an IRP (individual reading project) for her English class. They were supposed to pick non-fiction, which C doesn’t really like, but I threw this at her:

She likes Russia, and I knew Candace Fleming was a fantastic author. I was right: C loved it!

That’s it for us. What are your kids reading?

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