First Sunday Daughter Reviews: January 2015

It’s been a Christmas break full of TV and movie watching, and not much reading (though A has had to do some, which has completely stressed her out. ) Even so, they all got books for Christmas, so I thought I’d share what they received.

M, being very much the college student, asked for a Hindi dictionary for her classes, as well as this one:

which she says is excellent.

C has been pining for the other two books in the Selection trilogy for months, so she wasn’t surprised to see this on Christmas morning:

Yes, she’s already reread them both.

A didn’t really ask for books, but Santa couldn’t resist the lure of pretty new covers and got this:

which means she’s the proud owner of both the new Harry Potter AND Percy Jackson covers. It’s the inside that counts, though. Right?

And K got a graphic novel, for which she was very happy (even though her initial reaction was “What is this?”)

She’s read it through several times, and absolutely loves the story. And since she’s gotten into Ever After High recently, she got this as well:

She has been quite happy to read and reread those stories.

As for me, my online book group did a Secret Santa and I got this from Angie (at Angieville).

The chocolate was yummy, the bag is delightful, and I’m trying to decide whether or not to actually read the book (which was a joke. Promise). Still, it made me laugh when I opened it.

What bookish gifts did you get?

One thought on “First Sunday Daughter Reviews: January 2015

  1. Looks like your bookish gifts went over really well! I think my son would like El Deafo – I got him a couple of graphic novels for Christmas (Smile and Sisters) and he really enjoyed them.


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