The Blood of Olympus

by Rick Riordan
First sentence: “Jason hated being old.”
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Others in the series:  The Lost HeroThe Son of NeptuneMark of Athena, The House of Hades
Content: There’s some mild kissing and lots of fantasy violence. It’s in the YA section (grades 6-8) of the bookstore, but it’s more than appropriate for Percy Jackson fans of all ages.

The doors of Hades have been sealed, but Gaea is awakening anyway. Our heroes have split up: seven on the Argo II trying to go get to Athens to stop Gaea, the other two (plus Coach Hedge) are shadow-traveling the Athena Parthenon to Camp Half-Blood as a goodwill gesture from the Roman camp to the Greek camp. Both sets are facing Great Odds: monsters and minor gods that have switched sides as well as Octavian and the Roman camp’s impending invasion of Camp Half-Blood. Will they be able to stop everyone in time?

It’s a good ending. Not a great ending, not a fantastic book, but a good, solid one. It was a nice send-off to characters I’ve come to know and love for 10 years. And I was more than happy to take this ride with them. I was glad that the unsung characters — Piper, Reyna, and especially Nico — got a chance to shine. I enjoyed the whole book well enough, but I REALLY enjoyed the Reyna/Nico chapters. I just felt like that was where the more interesting story was, with saving Camp Half-Blood and fighting Orion and Octavian, and they were just awesome. Period. Everything else paled in comparison.

I do have some theories about the end (which ticked off A, by the way) but I’m not going to go into my theories here. I have some complaints about the sort of writer Riordan’s become; he’s become much too much of a formula writer for my taste. But I understand the demands of publisher’s and fans and the constraints of storytelling and I’m still more than happy to give everything he writes a read.

I will be sad to see this series end; it’s been a good ride.

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