KidlitCon in Photos

I could do a lovely wrap-up, but I’ve been home for two days, and I’ve been busy (and you can read everyone’s notes on the twitter feed). Needless to say, it was a fantastic trip, a wonderful conference full of good ideas (yeah, even for someone who’s been blogging for nearly 10 years!). I definitely think I’m more AWARE now, at the very least, of my own reading habits. And that’s a good wake up call.

So, 10 pictures.

1. Sacramento from my window, early Friday morning.

2. The organizing team I was a part of. They were fantastic to work with, and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Tanita and Reshama. Both were quite lovely.

3. The disembodied head of Shannon Hale. Also the closest I’ve ever gotten to meeting her. (Also, Charlotte very kindly thought to give Shannon my phone number, and I got all fangirly when she ACTALLY called. To discuss some technical problems. But STILL.)

4. The delightful French Bakery where a group of us had breakfast Saturday

5. Lunch, in which we solve all the problems of the world. Also: Jewell Parker Rhodes is a FANTASTIC human being.

6. That the author event which Reshama and I planned actually came together and people enjoyed themselves.

7./8. Meeting new people: Reshama and a friend of a friend who came last-minute, Emily. I hope they both come again; I would love to spend more time with them!

9. Dinner on Saturday night. YUM.

10. The bus adventure with Karen Yingling. Once we made it to the bus (which involved a bit of running by the capitol building), it was quite nice to sit and watch Sacramento go by while chatting. I’m taking to heart her idea that everything is better when you hum the theme from Mission Impossible. It really is. (Sorry the picture is fuzzy. We took it right after racing for the bus and I, at least, was a bit giddy.)

It really was a fantastic time. And next year’s will be in Baltimore. Will I be there? Most definitely!

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