First Sunday Daughter Reviews: September 2014

School’s back in session, and yesterday was a lovely early-fall day. And the kids are actually reading more (mostly) and watching TV less (except on the weekends).

C decided, when school started, that she didn’t remember much about the books she loved as a “kid”. So, she embarked upon a plan to re-read all of the ones we read her when she was in first-third grade. She did it in reverse order of publication, starting with Ella Enchanted, then working through Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and The Phantom Tollbooth. She’s currently on:

Which she is surprised how short it is. She has a memory of it being quite long. At any rate, she’s thoroughly enjoying her project and has been pleasantly surprised at how well all of these books have stood the test of time for her.

A has discovered Merlin, and had spent her afternoons watching episodes of that. (I’ve not been watching, but from what I’ve overheard, they’re killing the myth. Oy.) She has started this

but is not as interested in it as she was in The Screaming Staircase. I think for two reasons: 1) because Merlin. And 2) because it’s less about Lockwood and more about George and Lucy, whom she’s less invested in. (I’m just waiting until she gets to the end…)

And K has been in graphic novel heaven reading both this:


and this

Her reaction was the same as mine: great! But where’s the next one?? It’s good to have someone suffer with me while we wait.

That’s what my kids are reading. What books are in your kids’ piles?

4 thoughts on “First Sunday Daughter Reviews: September 2014

  1. I still don't have kids, but I read like one! How IS the Amulet series? I wasn't familiar with it before I was in charge of the children's department, but I like the art and it looks cool. Worth checking out?


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