First Sunday Daughter Reviews: August 2014

We have spent the past three weeks since getting home from vacation being incredibly lazy. Incredibly. It’s been hot (mostly), and we’ve gone to the pool. We kind of (sort of) finished out the library’s summer reading program (the enthusiasm for it this year was…. lacking). We’ve replaced two bikes and added a third. And now, with the beginning of August, we’re ready to go back to school.

And, of course, there has been reading.

K and Hubby finished up Howl’s Moving Castle (and watched the movie; they liked it, but said it was very different from the book) and have started this:

I threw it on the pile saying it’s “feminist pirates!” I guess that works with an 8-year-old. She’s really liking it.

A has started a half-dozen books, but has yet to find the drive to finish them (mostly because she also discovered Dr. Who, and has plowed through EVERYTHING from the 9th doctor on. She likes the 11th Doctor the best.) The one book she did finish was this:

It’s a re-read for her, but she loves the characters SO much (how can you not?) that she needed to reread this one.

C didn’t have much time for reading; she ended up being in an intense two-week-from-start-to-finish musical revue. Which was a fantastic experience for her. When she did have time, though, she read this:

It’s a series of personal essays about the relationships between girls and gay boys. She has really enjoyed the ones she’s read so far.

And M (like A) has started a number of books, but has petered out on most of them. The one that she spent the most time with was

which was lent to us by a regular customer at the store who knew about M’s trip to India. M’s really enjoyed it; she simultaneously relates to it as well as is deeply grateful her experience in India wasn’t as initially terrible as the author’s. It also is allowing her to revisit a place that she’s come to miss.

What are you and your kids reading?

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