First Sunday Daughter Reviews: July 2014

We’ve been in Summer Mode this past month, and Vacation Mode this past week. So, there really isn’t much reading getting done. There is, however, a lot of swimming, playing outside and arguing happening. But when there is time, the girls have picked up books.

M is currently reading the KU Common Book

She’s enjoying the writing, and thinks the plot is interesting, but the life of the main character and her mother is stressing M out. She can only read it in small bits because it’s just so depressing.

C doesn’t read much during the summer, but a conversation we had led me to check this out for her

I’m not sure if she started it yet. But, she did bring it with her on vacation.

A hasn’t been reading much lately either, but she did finish one of my past Cybils favorites.

She thought it was fascinating mostly because the world Keyes created was very rich and very interesting.

And K, this summer, has decided to focus on graphic novels. She’s gotten the first two Amulets, and loved them, but this (thanks Charlotte!) was a hit

Once she finished it, she was bubbling over with how cool it was. I need to read it now.

What are your kids reading?

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