48 Hour Reading Challenge Starting Line

And.. I’m off. I’m aiming for 24 hours, but I’m also going out tonight and going to the roller derby tomorrow and to see The Fault in Our Stars tomorrow night (too bad I can’t count that as “reading”). I’m hopeful, though, that I can get enough reading in between all that.

Here’s my #WeNeedDiverseBooks pile that I’m working from this weekend:

Actually, I’m not reading The Great Greene Heist. I ended up with two copies, so I’m giving one of them away. For anyone who comments on any post this weekend, I’ll put you in a drawing for it. Just make sure I can get ahold of you Sunday night. 🙂

Also: I’m aiming to give $1 for every hour (or $25 whichever is greater) to RIF at the end of this. Just because I’ve been doing that the past few years, and it keeps me motivated to read.

Happy reading!

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