State of the TBR Pile: April 2014

I was thinking that my TBR pile looked a lot like last month’s. But then I checked (one of the great side benefits of doing this), and nope. I actually have rotated out quite a few books for this month. We’ll see how many of these I get to, though. I keep getting sidetracked with awesome, like Laini Taylor’s Dreams of Gods and Monsters, which I’m in the middle of right now.

As for the rest of the pile:

Wanderville, by Wendy McClure (Because of the Kansas connection.)
Under Magnolia, by Frances Mayes (I meant to read this before it came out. Still. I liked some of her other books.)
The Geography of You and Me, by Jennifer E. Smith (Because I’m in the mood for romance.)
Lifesaving Lessons, by Linda Greenlaw (Because I’m going to an author event with her. I probably should read it first…)
Half Bad, by Sally Green (Really, really, really out to get to this one.()
The World’s Strongest Librarian, by (For my in person book gro)
All These Things I’ve Done, by Gabrielle Zevin (Because I’ve been meaning to for years.)
The Shadow Throne, by Jennifer E. Nelson (The last in one of my favorite series.)
Not pictured: Cruel Beauty, by Rosamund Hodge (YACker’s book this month. It’s waiting for me at the library.)

What’s on your reading pile this month?


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