First Sunday Daughter Reviews: March 2014

It turned out to be an enormously busy month (which made it go by quickly), so the girls spent most of the month reading the same book, trying desperately to finish them. Well, maybe not desperately, but not a lot of free-time reading got done.

K did move on to this one with Hubby:

and has decided that her favorite characters are Gurgi and Eilonwy. She’s become so enamored with the books that she’s rereading The Book of Three on her own for a book report for her reading tier at school. She is a bit stressed about what project to do — it vacillates between drawing a scene or dressing up as Gurgi (as a mom, I’m praying for the former…) — but, for the most part, she’s enthralled with Prydain. The only one of our kids to become such, I might add.

Between her book report and our busy schedule, A pretty much spent the month trying to finish Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star.

A as Joan of Arc.

That said, she finally finished on Friday, and was looking for something else to read while we waited for the third Fablehaven to come in at the library. She found this ARC of mine

and has been happily reading it. Her thoughts so far: “Mom, you HAVE to read this one.”

And C had an experience we don’t think she’s ever had before: she’s become so enthralled with a book that she eschewed TV and all other social interaction and read a book in a single day. That’s not unknown around here for the bookish people, but C — while she likes reading — has never really been “bookish”. She’s much more a social person. But the series that captured her imagination?

She says it’s kind of a dystopian feminist Bachelor, and she loved the characters and the world the author created. And she’s dying for the third one to come out. I think she found them through a flow chart she discovered on Tumblr. (I got them in at the store because of the pretty dresses on the cover and I think we’ve even sold a few.) I’m just glad she’s found a series to love with all her heart.

As for the book group: it was just A and me (hopefully I can work with our marketing manager to spread the word; I really don’t want my book group to die. We NEED things like this for kids) but we both really loved The Westing Game. (It’s because it’s a good book.) Our March book is

but A picked it up, read the first chapter, and declared it “boring”. And, after reading the first chapter, I kind of have to agree. We’ll see what happens. (If no one shows, it’s going to be a pretty lame discussion.)

Have your kids read any good books lately?

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