State of the TBR Pile: December 2013

I’m thick in the middle of Cybils season, and my TBR pile reflects that.  I’ve got two piles, and yes, they do mean something, but no I’m not going to tell you. Know, though, that I want to finish all these books before the end of the month. I won’t, but I want to.

A Question of Magic, E. D. Baker
True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp, Kathi Appelt
Stolen Magic, Stephanie Burgis
Ghoulish Song, William Alexander
Anton and Cecil: Cats at Sea, Lisa Martin and Valerie Martin
Lara’s Gift, Annemarie O’Brien
Saving Thanehaven, Catherine Jinks
Parched, Melanie Crowder
How to Catch a Bogle, Catherine Jinks
Rose, Holly Webb
The Water Castle, Megan Frazer Blakemore
The Year of Shadows, Claire Legrand
How I Became a Ghost, Tim Tingle
The Lost Kingdom, Matthew J. Kirby
Goblins, Philip Reeve

What’s on your pile this month?

2 thoughts on “State of the TBR Pile: December 2013

  1. Good luck getting through those! I pulled a few books off my shelves that I want to try and get to either to finish series or catch-up in them… We will see how that goes!


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