October 2013 Wrap Up

Happy Halloween!! And because it’s Halloween (and I’m working today), I give you our jack-o-lanterns:

From left: A, K (which I helped with), Hubby, and C

And my favorite book this month (it was hard to choose) was:

Boxers & Saints

I thought about picking Quintana, since I really did love that one, but I decided I’m ALWAYS picking the YA fantasy, and I really did love Boxers & Saints, too.

Next month will be Middle Grade Speculative Fiction heavy. You’ll have to bear with me. Oh, and I cheated a little this month. I reread two books for various book groups, but when I went back and checked my old reviews, I realized I didn’t have anything new to say. So I just linked to the old reviews. Feel free to go back and read them, back when we were actually commenting on blog posts. 😀 Now, for the rest:


All the Truth That’s in Me
The Beginning of Everything
The Clockwork Scarab (DNF)
Quintana of Charyn
The House of Hades

Middle Grade:

11 Birthdays (reread) (2009 review)
Flora & Ulysses
Heaven is Paved with Oreos


Deadly Heat
The Lowland (audio)
Persuasion (audio)


Totto-Chan The Little Girl at the Window (reread) (2008 review)

What were your favorites this month?

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