KitlitCon and Blogging Middle Grade

I don’t know why I’ve been mum about writing on KidlitCon this year. I’m going. And I’m quite excited. Call it laziness, business, or just blogging burnout (hey, there’s a panel for that this year!), but I haven’t quite gotten around to putting it out there that 1) it’s happening (November 8-9, Austin, TX, only $65!) and that 2) you should come. Seriously. (Reigstration’s open until Nov 1.) It’s a great place to hang out with like-minded people, chat, stay up late, get away from the family (well, maybe that’s only a reason I have…), and become excited about kidlt and blogging again. It’s worth your time and money. Promise.

I’m not saying that because I’ve thrown my metaphorical hat in with Charlotte and Katy on a panel/round table discussion on blogging about middle grade books. Our Grand Plan for this is to lead a discussion on middle grade books, reading them, blogging about them, enjoying them, and so on… Charlotte’s got a discussion list going on her post (follow the link above), so if you’d please go check it out and add whatever you think we should be talking about to the post, we’d appreciate it. Oh, and we’re all planning on bringing our piles of middle grade ARCs to hand out, so there’s that, too.

Hopefully, we’ll see you in Austin!

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