What I Did for My Birthday

Iwas going to pack my minivan full of people and drive to Oklahoma City to see this movie:

BUT, a miracle occurred, and we didn’t have to! It came to Wichita. So, I took a whole group of people out to lunch (at a Mexican restaurant, because that’s what you eat before seeing a silly movie set in England):

And then we infiltrated stormed (seriously: we were basically the only ones in the theater. What is it with Wichitans???) went to the theater and had a grand old time! (Seriously: the movie was HILARIOUS, and had everyone — from the teenagers on up — guffawing. A LOT.)

I also bought these books:

Rose Under Fire, because ELIZABETH WEIN. I mean, how could I not??
Deadly Heat (which came out today) (remember my guilty pleasures from last year?)
Dream Thieves (which also came out today) because I had to own it. And because I sent my ARC along to some fellow YAckers so they could gush about it, too.

I call that a good way to celebrate 41 years on this planet.

6 thoughts on “What I Did for My Birthday

  1. Happy birthday!
    I totally missed that Austenland was out on film – now I want to go see it! Was it good? But I think I'll go home and buy Dream Thieves from Audible tonight, because I loved the first book so much on audio.


  2. I've been blog stalking you for quite some time but had no idea we knew any of the same people! Brenda is one of my very best friends, ever! What a small world 🙂


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