First Sunday Daughter Reviews: August 2013

Another in a series detailing what my (bookish) girls are reading.

It’s the end of the summer — school starts for us in a week and a half — and the girls are actually quite excited to get back. Except for M, who doesn’t have to go back. Instead, she’s preparing to go to Durgapur, India the end of September. Which means a lot of paperwork, and going to her job every morning. She does, however, find time to read, plowing through most of the Infernal Devices series. But the book that has had the most impact in recent months is this one:

She had me pick it up because Vitoria Vantoch is Misha Collins’s wife, but ended up really liking it. Which led her to consider pursuing a major in women’s studies. Which she discovered she’s really excited about. In fact, she and C are kind of planning — someday — to write a book about the history of women through and the societal impact of fashion (C’s passion right now is fashion history). It’s exciting and impressive watching her discover this.

C, on the other hand, has not really picked up a book in the last month. She tried City of Bones, and got about a third of the way through before putting it down. She’s not bailing, she said, she just doesn’t have motivation to read during the summer. She’d rather watch TV. And she has: she’s gone through the complete series of How I Met Your Mother, Vampire Diaries, The New Girl, and Supernatural. In the last month.

A asked me to pick up this at the library:

And she’s been enjoying the series (she’s nearly done). Not as well as the Percy Jackson books, but enough to talk about it, and to spend free time reading.

And what started out as a desire to see a movie with The Sea of Monsters has turned into a full-fledged Percy Jackson obsession with K.

They’re more than halfway through Battle of the Labyrinth, and K is obsessed. (A has issues: she thinks K is a poser, and I have to remind her — on more than one occasion — that she is not the True and Only Percy Jackson fan in this family, and that it’s OKAY for more than one person to like the same thing.) She’s drawing fan art, and talks about the characters. It’s really hard to keep spoilers from her, though.

On a side note: reading the series to K has got Hubby interested in it again, and he’s picked up the second series out of curiosity. Gotta love it when that happens.

2 thoughts on “First Sunday Daughter Reviews: August 2013

  1. Quite frankly, I don't think people often consider the impact that women's fashion has had on society. I would guess that there may be more research done on the reverse. All the best to the aspiring historians.


  2. She'll have a great year. My son spent l ast year in the Phillipines- I don't know that it was exactly a FUN year, but he learned a lot. I didn'treally miss him- I got his roomed cleaned out and used it for an office. Hs ine big comment on coming back was that the US smelled really good”


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