First Sunday Daughter Reviews: May 2013

A monthly look at what my bookish daughters are reading…

C read one of the few Wendy Mass books she hasn’t read yet: Heaven Looks A Lot Like the Mall. She didn’t like it at first — the main character is a twit, she says, and the parents are worse — but by the end she said she saw the point of making the characters so horrible, and thought it was a good book. Not her favorite Wendy Mass by far, but not bad either.

A devoured the Heroes of Olympus series this month, reading all three. She loved them (not as much as the first series, though) and is eagerly awaiting (along with the rest of us) the release of House of Hades. (Which she says sounds like a video game title when you say it with a deep voice.)

K really wanted to branch out to reading books by herself, and suggested that she read The Lightning Thief. Since she’s only in 1st grade, I counter suggested that she read the Magic Tree House books instead. She wanted to start at the beginning, so we picked up Dinosaurs Before Dark, and she was off. She’s on the third book now, and is really quite liking Mary Pope Osborne and Jack and Annie.

M, on the other hand, was quite depressed when I asked her what she read this past month and she discovered that school was so stressful and busy that she didn’t have any time left for pleasure reading. There is always the summer, though!

In other news, my first book groups are on Saturday, and while I’m excited about them, I’m also a bit apprehensive: I hope people come, I hope we can have a good discussion, I hope those who do come (aside from A and C who are being gang-pressed into doing this) will want to come back. Which leads me to a question: Do you have any suggestions for running a good children’s book group??

I could use some ideas!


One thought on “First Sunday Daughter Reviews: May 2013

  1. My kids (currently 8, 11, 13) have all done book clubs organized either through school or through our local library. My favorite part was that they expanded their book choice horizons more than they would have on their own. They liked the snacks. 🙂 They also liked when they played some games that related to the books or did some kind of activity that the kids in the book did like making origami or getting to see a silkworm. Have fun!


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