Giants Beware!

by Rafael Rosado and Jorge Aguirre
ages: 9+
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This won the Cybils Middle Grade Graphic Novel award this year, and so I knew I had to read it. I ordered one in at the store on Charlotte’s recommendation but no one seemed to be interested in it (though I tried to sell it). Good for me, though: the library didn’t have a copy so I bought it and brought it home.

And everyone who’s picked it up has loved it, from Hubby all the way down to A.

The basic story: Claudette is a bloodthirsty young girl living in this town in the shadow of giants. She wants giant blood, and will do anything to get out there and get at them, even though she knows the dangers (her father, the town blacksmith lost both his legs and one of his arms in the Forest of Death). Determined, she convinces her younger brother Gaston (a budding chef, and a swordmaker want-to-be: “I’ll call it Gaston’s Sword and Sweets Shop.”) and her best friend Marie (a princess in training) to sneak out of their town and go giant  hunting. What they find is an Adventure in the grandest sense.

It’s an absolutely delightful graphic novel. It’s got bright and bold colors, and nothing (not even the Forest of Death) is terribly frightening, making it great for the youngest of readers. It’s also terribly funny (we all loved Gaston best), and worth reading over and over again (as A has done).

I’d love to read more of Claudette’s adventures, but barring that (yay! A Graphic novel that isn’t a series), I’ll be happy to read more of what Rosado and Aguirre offer up.

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