Big Boned

by Meg Cabot
ages: adult
First sentence: “You came!”
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Others in the series: Size 14 is Not Fat Either

Heather Wells, former pop star and current assistant Fischer Hall director, is quite happy with her life. Sure, her new boss is a bit of a stick in the mud, and sure her boyfriend Tad is a vegan who doesn’t watch TV and is trying to get her to *gasp* exercise, and sure it’s not really the guy she wants to be with, but all in all, she’s doing okay.

Then, one morning without warning, her boss gets shot in the head.

Something about Heather just attracts murder, doesn’t it?

An aside: about a third of the way in, I started wondering: how long can Meg Cabot keep up this Death Dorm thing? I mean, three murders in the same hall over three books? I need to read the next one to figure out whether or not she branches out and starts solving murders at other places.

This one was actually murder lite this time around. Heather, of course, is on the case (no matter how much Cooper tries to tell her not to get involved), mostly because her grad assistant Sarah’s not-quite-boyfriend is the primary suspect. Of course he didn’t do it, and it’s up to Heather to figure out who did. Mostly, though, this was Heather obsessing about her relationship with Tad and wishing that Cooper was her boyfriend. That’s not to say this wasn’t interesting — Cabot is really a fun and engaging writer — but that I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as I did the first time around. Perhaps because it was that I read it rather than listening to it (the narrator really was that good). Even so, I enjoyed hanging with Heather and her crowd, and even though the mystery wasn’t that great, it was good enough.

Which means: 1) I’ll be reading the next one eventually and 2) it’s some good fluff. I’m converted to the cult of Cabot.


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