First Sunday Daughter Reviews: February 2013

Laura over at Bitching, Books, and Baking suggested that I need to make my daughters review books on the blog. And since I adore Laura and do (almost) anything she suggests, we’re going to give this thing a try. Short, capsule reviews, written or dictated by my daughters on something they’ve read in the past month.


We’ll start with K (age 6 1/2), who is, obviously, a budding librarian. She’s reading one of her (and our) favorite books, I Want My Hat Back, by Jon Klassen.

She says, “I like this book because it’s really fun to read and very funny!”

This is what A says about the last few books she’s read (and one movie):

  Hotel  Transylvania ………………………… I’d say about an eight, could be better. Less butt jokes.
  Origami Yoda  ……….. Awesome!!!!!!! 10 for sure! So funny!
  Harry Potter Five…….. Nine, not ten. bet to scary!
 Darth Paper…………. Not as good as Origami Yoda! Eight.

C says: “I  have currently read and finished quite a impressive some in two  weeks (based on the numbers at my school). But one stood out and I think it’s my new favorite book; Son by Lois Lowry. Lowry tells the story of a fourteen year old girl that goes looking for her son that got taken away from her. It was exciting and interesting and I loved the descriptions in it. But the again it’s Lois Lowry so; you can’t really go wrong there.”

And M says that she hasn’t read anything interesting of late. Maybe next month.


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