Cool Dead People

Obituaries of Real Folks We Wish We’d Met a Little Sooner
by  Jane O’Boyle
ages: adult

First sentence: “More than two million people die each year in this country.”
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There isn’t really much to say about this slim little collection of obituaries. Either you will be fascinated by reading about dead people — most of whom accomplished something, but weren’t really Big News — or you won’t.

Thankfully, I was. There were several people who caught my attention, from the woman who was responsible for publishing George Lucas’s novels, Princess Bride, and Mists of Avalon; to the brother of Jackie Robinson; to a stone mason who helped build Rockefeller Center; to Hitler’s secretary; to the second wife of Anne Frank’s father.

It’s not a really deep or profound collection, but it kind of made me reflect on what  people would say about me. It’s mostly just fascinating. There ought to be more of these out there.


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