Boys and Author Events

In the past two weeks, I’ve gone to two different YA events at our bookstore.  (Sorry, no pictures. I forgot the camera both times.) The first one was with Brent Crawford and Rachel Hawkins, the second was with a first-time author, T. M. Goeglein. Both Crawford and Goeglein have books that guys should be reading (if they’re not), both are men (well, especially Crawford) who have made careers (and halfway decent ones, too) writing books for guys. And both were great (funny, intelligent, interesting) to listen to.

The problem?

No boys showed up. At either event.

Now, I kind of understand the first one: Rachel Hawkins was there, and she caters mostly to girls. But, I still have to wonder: where were the guys?

Maybe it’s just Wichita: the people who are more likely to come out to the store are older women mostly. And they’re the ones who are more likely to drag their kids and grandkids to an event. Maybe it was the time of the week: 7 p.m. on a Wednesday is a bit of a challenge, especially in a highly religious town like Wichita. Wednesday is Church Night. So, maybe if these events had been on a Saturday, things would have gone better.

But, I wonder: why is it that at two events where there are great male authors, why is it that not a single kid showed up.

And, I also wonder: how can we change that?


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