Legends of Zita the Spacegirl

by Ben Hatke
ages: 9+
First sentence: “Zita the Spacegirl!”
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Others in the series: Zita the Spacegirl

Picking up right where the first installment left off…

Ever since saving the planet from the asteroid (sorry, mild spoiler there), Zita has rocketed to Fame. She’s flying with Piper and her robot friends from planet to planet, signing autographs, looking for a jump crystal so she can return home.

Then, on one far-reaching planet, she discovers a robot that is such a big fan that it dresses up like her. Then it really kind of looks like her. Then, while Zita and Mouse are off enjoying the circus, it takes her place, leaving her stranded yet again. She steals (well, “borrows”) a spaceship, which puts her on the wrong side of the law, and manages to get rescued by non other than Pipers ex (girlfriend? wife?), who helps Zita catch up with Piper and the impostor robot on a planet that needs saving from the Space Hearts.

A pause right here: the Space Hearts? So very clever. Evil hearts (yes, really) that attack a planet until its completely devastated, controlled by a Queen Heart. Too cool for words.

Like Zita, this one is colorful, creative and a whole lot of fun to read, from the oldest person in my house (yes, Hubby did pick it up) down to the youngest. Zita’s a great heroine, and there are some surprising twists and turns as we follow her adventure and her ultimate quest to get home. Another quick side note: I didn’t pick up the first before diving into this one — I know: silly — but I didn’t need to. Hatke got me up to speed quite quickly, and I was able to take off and enjoy this story.

But much like the Amulet series, the next one can’t come out fast enough for me.

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