Doing the Cybils Happy Dance

I’ve been a part of the Cybils since the beginning (so, I was just nominating for the first two years, but that counts. Right?) and I’ve always longed to be a part of the panels where my heart truly lies: judging science fiction and fantasy. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve ADORED the years I got to do middle grade fiction, but this year, my happy dance chance came:

Round 1 – MG
Anamaria Anderson
Books Together
Sherry Early
Sondra Eklund
Melissa Fox
Book Nut
Jessalynn Gale
Garish & Tweed 
Charlotte Taylor
Charlotte’s Library
Cheryl Vanatti
Reading Rumpus

Round 2 – MG
Hayley Beale
From the Children’s Room 
Kristen Evey
Bookends (& Beginnings) 
Rosemary Kiladitis
More Coffee, Please 
Gina Ruiz
Amelia Yunker
Challenging the Bookworm

SO excited. As a (yet another) reminder: nominations open October 1. I can’t wait to see what you throw at us!

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