One of My Favorite Things About Vacation

We know a LOT of people in a LOT of different places, but no more so than in Utah. Because of that, I was focusing on family, but I tweeted when we got into Provo, and happily, Suey at It’s All About Books responded. Not to let an opportunity to put a face to a blog name (especially one I’ve been following for more than 5 years!),  we arranged a meeting. At the very lovely Provo Library (seriously! I wish we had libraries like this in Wichita!) too.  

(She kind of looks scared of me. I promise she wasn’t.)

Anyway, we had a grand time talking for about an hour before I had to dash off (to go bowling at BYU with the family) again. I wish we’d had longer, but the demands of vacation and all that… I am glad we had a chance to meet!

6 thoughts on “One of My Favorite Things About Vacation

  1. Isn't Suey a blast? I loved it when she came to Arizona! I laughed when I sawthis photo of her because we bought this shirt at one of my favorite bookstores/restaurants in town. It's my favorite shirt to wear too!
    This has been the delight of blogging…meeting the people behind these electronic pages.
    Thanks for sharing this.


  2. LOL! I was only scared to have my picture taken! Gah, I hate it! Fun little write up, and see, you DID beat me to it! I'm putting our picture up today, and linking to this. Thanks for taking the time to meet up!


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