Fake Mustache

by Tom Angleberger
ages: 10+
First sentence: “You may remember seeing me on TV when Jodie O’Rodeo saved the world.”
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One mustache to rule the world.


One kinda nerdy seventh grader to stop the evil master plan (spurred on by his ex-best friend) from happening.

(Granted, he had help from a teen TV singing sensation.)

Will they be able to do it?

(Stop Fako Mustacho, the evil genius, that is. Though they also fall in luvvv along the way. Possibly. Keep in mind that this is a tall tale, though.)

Will I find this book to be as funny as others have?


Will it be as epic as it sounds?

(Possibly for some.)

M and C both thought the idea sounded quite awesome, however. For what it’s worth.

(It means that my sense of humor just didn’t jive with this one.)

And while I’m sad that I didn’t like Fake Mustache as much as I’ve enjoyed Angleberger’s other books, I am in no way hindered in my enjoyment of his books.


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