Sunday Salon: State of the TBR Pile 8

A new month: a new pile.I do have to confess, that my pile was down to three books (She Walks These Hills, The Sherlockian, and My Life as an Experiment), and so I picked up any and all books that looked interesting the last time I was at the library, so my pile didn’t look so lonely. Yes, I am hopeless.

Yes, Chef, by Marcus Samuelsson (because I was in the mood for something foody, and I happen to have this ARC from work)
Breaking Stalin’s Nose, by Eugine Yelchin
The Book of Three, by Lloyd Alexander (because I’m due for a re-read)
She Walks These Hills, by Sharyn McCrumb (no longer for my in-person book club — we abandoned because of one f-bomb — I’m still curious about it.)
The Returning, by Christine Hinwood (because I like the cover)
Ghost Knight, by Cornelia Funke (because Charlotte liked it)
The Books of Elsewhere: The Shadows, by Jacqueline West(because it’s about bloody time I read these)
The Books of Elsewhere: Spellbound, by Jacqueline West
Sloppy Firsts, by Megan McCafferty (because Sya in my book group said it was good, I think.)
The Sherlockian, by Graham Moore (this poor book; will I ever read it??)

What’s on your pile?

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