Sunday Salon: The State of the TBR Pile 5

We’re doing inventory at the store this weekend, and because of that I don’t have much time to read. (Not to mention the Oscars tonight! We finally have TV, so I’ll be watching.)

As it is, I’m in a bit of a reading slump. I have a huge pile…. and I don’t know what to read. I threw it out on Facebook and Twitter on Friday, but didn’t get much response, so I’m throwing it out again. What should I read next?

Before I Fall, by Lauren Oliver (because I ought to read something else by her)
Goliath, by Scott Westerfeld (because it’s about time)
Clementine and the Family Meeting, by Sarah Pennypacker (because I love Clementine)
Drop Dead Healthy, by A. J. Jacobs (ARC I begged for from work)
The Sherlockian, by Graham Moore(I wanted a mystery)
Kill You Last, by Tod Strasser (ditto)
The Grand Plan to Fix Everything, by Umi Krishnaswami (a MG book with an India connection)
A Monster Calls, by Patrick Ness (because it’s in the brackets for SLJ’s Battle of the Books)
The Floating Islands, by Rachel Neumeier (because I’ve heard good things about it, and it finally came in at the library)
Huntress, by Malinda Lo (because it sounded good)
Stupid Fast, by Geoff Herbach (because it won the Cybils YA Fiction this year)
Blood Red Road, by Moira Young (because it won the Cybils YA SFF this year)

What’s on your TBR pile?

12 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: The State of the TBR Pile 5

  1. I've only read The Sherlockian and A Monster Calls, both of which are good in different ways. I'm of two minds on reading A Monster Calls. It is good enough that it could either bring you out of your slump, or plunge you into another one. I know it put me in one.

    The Sherlockian is fun, but it's kinda slow. I like fast when I'm in a slump. Just about any YA should be able to fit THAT bill!

    Good luck! Reading slumps are the worst!


  2. I've read and can highly recommend A Monster Calls (be prepared to cry) and Before I Fall. I've been meaning to read Blood Red Road after reading all of Leila Roy's (bookshelves of doom) raving about how awesome it is.


  3. Goliath is the prefect reading slump book. You already know the world and the characters, it's an exciting read, has pictures, AND it's the last in the trilogy, so when you finish there's no whinging about how what you want to read next is a book that won't come out for another year (which I've been known to do with series books.)


  4. I adore Clementine, so I vote for that one (which I haven't had a chance to read yet myself). Blood Red Road is high up on my stack b/c of the Cybils, but the first few pages didn't grab me. Am going to try again soon.


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