The Best Thing About Februray 14th

First off, I prefer Kristin Cashore’s Pan-Universal Be Who You Are Day to Valentines Day. I hate this “holiday.”

That said, the absolute best thing about February 14th is that the Cybils winners are announced! Seriously: these are some good books. I’m quite proud of the one that my panel (the Middle Grade fiction) picked, as well. I really enjoyed being part of the second round, too. While I did miss the hustle and frantic pace of being on a Round 1 panel, I enjoyed the deep discussion of the Round 2. It was like being in a very cool, very exclusive book club. With some pretty awesome women as well.

And because I’m thorough (and I’m allowed to after the judging), I’m going to put up the reviews for our finalists (well, the ones I haven’t read) over the course of the rest of the month. There’s some very good books in the bunch.

Anyway, go check out our pick for best kid-friendly book. And see what all the rest of the panels picked. There’s bound to be some excellent books (and apps!) waiting.


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