2012: January Wrap Up

I’ve done the Jacket Flap-a-Thon for several years now, and I’ve decided that while I adore jacket flap copy (seriously: my dream job someday), I need to move onto a different way of recapping my month’s reading.

Any suggestions?

Favorite read:

The Fault in Our Stars

  Other books finished this month:

Archer’s Quest

Dragon Castle
The Eyre Affair (audio book)
The Snow Child
Maman’s Homesick Pie

Jefferson’s Sons
Water for Elephants (audio book)

Didn’t finish: The Heroines

5 thoughts on “2012: January Wrap Up

  1. hm, not sure what to suggest. I do mine in such a way that it makes my year-end wrap-up easier… So, rather, boring, but helpful!

    I am hoping to get to The Fault in Our Stars soon into February.


  2. OK, you convinced me that my next book should be the John Green book (after also seeing today that it was Franki Sibberson's favorite read of the month). I'm going to download it for my new Kindle.


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