Thoughts on KidLitCon: Photographic Evidence

I promised pictures.

I not only went to KidLitCon, I managed to connect with some friends from my on-line book group. I can’t say it enough: it’s absolutely wonderful being able to put faces to names, and to sit and chat with them in person. I wouldn’t trade the internet, or the blogosphere, for anything, but people are vastly different in person than they are on-line. And that’s a good thing.

So, the conference. Yesterday I talked about the nuts and bolts of what I thought was important, but that left out all the fun stuff.

Like the hotel, which was so uber posh (I’ve honestly never stayed in a hotel with a doorman before!) that I was intimidated at first. But eventually, grew to love the ambiance. I didn’t, however, take a picture of my favorite feature: the shelf in the shower that had bottles for shampoo, conditioner, and soap. That little touch completely thrilled me. Then again, I’m easy to please.

I know I’ve posted the one of me with Scott Westerfeld, but here’s one of his keynote address… just for good measure. Did I mention how funny and interesting he is as a speaker?

Then there’s the friends:

Elissa Cruz from From the Mixed-Up Files. We connected last year at KidLitCon, and it was a pleasure to see her again.

The group I had lunch with on Saturday (in which we talked about everything from reviewing to Battlestar Galactica. We are nothing if not diverse in our conversation). Including newcomer Lisa Song at Reads for Keeps, my delightful roomie Maureen, the ever-charming Liz B. and the fun Sondra (though I didn’t get a picture of her in her Elephant and Piggie shirt. Which I want.) at Sonderbooks.

As another shout out to how absolutely wonderful this con was: the food was amazing. I wasn’t expecting much, but what we got (the reception! the snacks! the lunch! the dinner!) exceeded anything I was expecting.

One last one: of Pam and Jen. To be honest, I’m still a little star struck that both these amazing women even acknowledge that I exist. Seriously, though… another testament to getting to know people in person; I adore both of them, and love listening to them talk. They’re smart, funny, amazing women, and I’m glad to say they’re my friends.

And that’s enough sappiness. For the record: there are pictures of me, Jen and Maureen on our panel as well as me talking to Karen Cushman (KAREN CUSHMAN! And I was brave enough to talk to her!) out there. I’m hoping I find them in the midst of all the wrap-ups (links to which can be found here).

KidlitCon (not to mention mini-vacations without Hubby or the girls): in all ways, a good, good thing.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on KidLitCon: Photographic Evidence

  1. I'm glad to say that you're my friend, too, Melissa. Thanks for these great recaps. I haven't been able to dig out enough to write up anything yet (maybe ever?), but I love seeing your photos and reading your thoughts. And I'm happy to see your email sign-up, too 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you again next year.


  2. Now how did I miss this? Oh, right – because I wasn't trolling the blogs trying specifically to find pictures to put in my long-overdue reports on KidLitCon because I apparently can't be bothered to take one single picture the entire time. So, when I say how happy I am to be your friend – and to be called amazing – you'll have to believe me. Even though I am also using the picture of this and of Scott Westerfeld on my blog. ;^)


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