The Slayer Chronicles: First Kill

by Heather Brewer
ages: 13+
First sentence: “Abraham’s heels clicked along the marble floor as he moved the length of the room.”
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Review copy provided by the publisher.
Release date: September 20, 2011

When Joss McMillian was 10, his life was practically perfect. Happy parents, great relationship with his younger sister. Aside from his unfortunate tendency to excel at sports without trying, which didn’t help with his making friends, he was perfectly happy.

The one night the unthinkable happened, and Joss saw it all: a vampire killed Joss’s younger sister.

At the funeral, Joss’s uncle Abraham offers Joss a way to get revenge, and three years later Abraham has come to cash in on the promise Joss made: it’s time to be trained as a Slayer.

From this point, the book gets incredibly harsh. I’m sure there’s some book out there somewhere which says “all training in any supernatural fighting must be incredibly abusive to the teenager involved”. Because the training in this book was harsh. As a mom, I cringed; how on earth did Joss survive this punishment? As a reader, I cringed: is revenge that great a motive that you’d basically kill yourself to achieve it? I suppose it’s partly because I’ve decided vampires are passé: everyone’s done the whole vampire/slayer/whatever angle to death.

That said, the book did have one nice little twist coming at the end that redeemed it for me, and actually made me want to see where the next book takes the series. But, that said: be prepared for the harshness of the journey here. It’s not a pretty book, and the tale has no glory.

Perhaps that’s for the best.

3 thoughts on “The Slayer Chronicles: First Kill

  1. I'm intrigued yet not. I read the first book of the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod and thought the writing was for a much younger audience so I gave up. I did always wonder if as Vladimir got older if the writing got more mature, though. So I guess what I'm getting at is, how was the writing??? Dumbed down for kids or pretty good?


  2. to Jenny:
    you should tottaly read it for me its one of the or the favourite series of books i promise ya they get better i just couldnt stop buying them when i found them and idk how old r ya but im 16 and found the books very good and i have read many more that r considered classics of literature but still this one is so gud i cant wait to read the new book of slayer chronicles 🙂


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