by Anne Osterlund
ages: 13+
First sentence: “Hoofbeats thundered from behind.”
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Release date: April 28, 2011
Review copy sent to me by the author

There will be spoilers for Aurelia. You have been forewarned.

(And if you haven’t read Aurelia yet, you really should.)

When we left our fair heroine and — her, um, companion/protector — Robert, had just survived an assassination attempt. In the wake of that, and of Aurelia being unmade the heir of the kingdom, Robert, Aurelia and several guards are sent off on a tour of the Kingdom of Tyralt. Little did they know that this would be the most dangerous thing they’ve ever done. They have to fight off another assassination attempt, make their way through some of the most difficult terrain, and perhaps most daunting, figure out their feelings for each other.

Anne Osterlund has a knack for writing sweeping stories, ones that are full of suspense, action and romance. Ones that keep you engaged in the book, wondering what’s going to happen next, rooting for the characters all the way. All the best elements of Aurelia are there: she’s still a kick-butt heroine, passionate and determined; he’s still a swoon-worthy partner. Osterlund knows how to write action, and how to take readers on some pretty wild twists and turns, and yet grounds it all in some pretty intense ideas of freedom and loyalty.

The question is, then: what’s going to happen next to our fair duo?

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