Sunday Salon: Post-Vacation Catching Up

We arrived home safe and sound last week, only to be pummeled by snow! On the upside, we were all quite grateful for the first two snow days as it allowed us to get used to our own time zone again. That’s the hardest part of traveling, I think: adjusting to local time.

That said, we had a lovely time in Hawaii; so much so, that I don’t think any of us really wanted to come home!

These were all taken on our last full day there; I have more, but this is a book blog, not a travel blog!

I didn’t check anything while we were on vacation, though I did read (though not as much as I was planning to) and write reviews (they’ve already gone up). The one thing I did miss that’s worth mentioning is that my favorite March competition, The Battle of the (Kids) Books announced their contenders for this year. It’s a good list of books (of which I’ve read half; woot!), but I think I’m going to join Charlotte in her cheer: Go Bartimaeus!

There were other things that I missed, or only caught on the perifery, most notably the Bitch magazine kerfuffle. The two best things I read on that were at Chasing Ray (who basically gives you a play-by-play) and Scott Westerfeld (who explained why it was a kerfuffle in the first place). I acutally found it kind of interesting watching things blow up, even if I was a bit muffled in the first place: they were books for feminist readers, and admittedly I could see how a lot of them would appeal. But I did wonder how they determined what went on the list in the first place….

One last thing: Clare Vanderpool is going to be at our local indie bookstore tomorrow night. I cannot tell you how excited I am; at last I’ll get my copy of Moon Over Manifet signed! (Hopefully, I’ll be brave enough to get pictures too!)

Happy reading!

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