It’s Holiday Time Again!

I’ve been musing lately about Christmas, what to get the girls, what to get the siblings we’re giving to this year (any ideas?), and considering just bagging it all and saving for the trip to Hawaii in January. In the midst of all this musing, I did start to wonder: is the Book Blogger Holiday Swap going to happen this year??

Of course it is! (Thanks, Charlotte, for the heads up…)

I’ve always had a grand time with this (though I can’t remember how many years I’ve signed up… three? four?), meeting new bloggers, the excitement of picking out something and the fun of seeing where and what I’m sent (mmm… chocolate…). It’s part of what makes the whole book blogging thing so much fun. (And the holidays.)

The deadline for signing up is November 14th, so hurry…. (You know you want to.)

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