(Not Quite) 10 Questions for Jackson Pearce

Jackson Pearce is one difficult woman to get a hold of. Seriously. It’s because she has her fingers in so many pies, I think. There’s her blog, and her presence on Twitter and Facebook. And don’t forget her vlog, on which she recently tacked a 30 days of vlogging series. Oh, and she writes books. Her most recent one, Sisters Red, was a captivating take on Red Riding Hood, and the companion book, Sweetly, is out in June 2011. It’s no wonder that I had to beg and plead (and become an annoying email/Twitter presence) to get her to answer a few questions. And it’s a good thing she was gracious enough to squeeze me in.

MF: Which character of yours was easiest/most fun to write?
JP: I think, oddly enough, Scarlett was the most fun to write. She’s so focused, so intense…it was like being on one of those haunted-house-carnival-rides that happened entirely inside her head. Even though it was super dark sometimes, it was always interesting. She was NOT easy, however. I think Jinn, in AS YOU WISH, was actually the easiest to write. He’s so fun and wry and sarcastic, it was always a blast.

MF: How about the most difficult?
JP: The most difficult to write was Gretchen, in my upcoming book SWEETLY. I think I started the first draft of that book before her personality was fully formed in my head, and thus I had to write and rewrite and rewrite. I finally found her voice, but it took a while!

MF:You spend a lot of time with Twitter and Facebook, not to mention your blog and vlogging. How does social media affect your work? (or does it?)
JP: I love twitter/blogging/vlogging/facebook, and did it long before I sold my first book– that said, I do think being able to so easily connect with readers is wonderful. It doesn’t necessarily affect the writing directly, but it certainly affects the “author” side of the job in that I get to have fun, meaningful conversations with readers instead of wondering if anyone out there in the world is reading my work!

MF: Who or what inspires you to write?
JP: Nothing specific inspires me to write– I write because if I don’t write my stories down, no one else is going to! Writing is the only way I can get what’s in my head out into the world.
MF: Since this was going around the interwebs recently, I’m curious: why do you write for a YA audience?
JP: I feel like this is similar to asking “Why do you like ice cream?” Because it’s delicious, and well, I just…DO. It’s simple. I write for YA because it’s awesome and I just DO. It’s not a conscious choice, it’s just the stories in my head are YA. Equally simple.
MF: What are your top five books (at least right now)?
JP: This is always, always, always changing, but:
THE VESPERTINE by Saundra Mitchell
THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MARK TWAIN by Mark Twain (yep, I’m a nerd)
MOCKINGJAY by Suzanne Collins
Hm, I can’t think of a 5th! I’ve been doing a lot more writing than reading lately, it seems…

MF: Thank you for your time, Jackson!


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