by Ingrid Law
ages: 10+
First sentence: “Mom and Dad had known about the wedding at my uncle Autry’s ranch for months.”
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Ledger Kane — call him Ledge — has a problem. See, his savvy has hit him full force and it’s a doozy: it seems anything mechanical or man-made (from buildings to cars to watches) falls apart when he’s around. And he’s stuck out at his uncle Autry’s ranch in Wyoming until he can learn to scumble — or control — his savvy. Which, at the rate it’s going, may be never.

Of course, watching Ledge learn to scumble his savvy alone wouldn’t make that interesting of a book. Set nine years after Savvy, there’s a bunch of extended family members around to help Ledge with his issues. Rocket Beaumont’s still trying to figure out how to manage his electrical savvy and have a normal life. And Samson and Gypsy are hanging around the ranch, lending a helping hand, as is Grandpa Bomba (though he’s mostly patiently waiting to die). There’s also cousins Marisol and Mesquite, Autry’s twin daughters, and Ledge’s sister, Fedora, to round out the cousin bunch. It’s a motley crew, with personality conflicts and humor and affection. It made me wish for the throw-back days of allowing kids to wander freely, trying to figure out what to do with the day when there’s no computer or TV or scheduled events to go to. In some ways, it’s incredibly boring. But Law makes it sound like a little bit of heaven.

Life wouldn’t be complete for a 13-year-old boy if there weren’t some 13-year-old girl to give him some grief. For Legde, it’s Sarah Jane Cabot, daughter of the local business mogul. She’s an odd duck, a newspaper reporter, and always at odds with her father: she wants his attention, but she’s also afraid of him. There is, of course, a push and pull relationship between Ledge and Sarah Jane: they need each other to figure things out, but, man, does he drive her batty.

It’s another incredibly sweet, heart-warming (but without being overly smushy) book from Law. Creative, well-written, and thoroughly engaging, you can’t help but want to be a part of their family.

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