A Blast from the Past

Since I have started blogging, I have celebrated four birthdays. I have mused about what life was like when I was a kid, been surprised by my husband (I think that was my favorite), shared a birthday/cake quote, and given you 25 things about me (plus cake).

I have thought long and hard about what I could share for this, my not-quite-40th birthday. And it has occurred to me that what there has not been enough of over the years (though there was this post…) is pictures of me being the crazy child that I was. (Well, that, and possibly embarrassing stories or maybe a bucket list… but those are for other years.)

So. Here is me in all my glory (click to embiggen):

Now I think I’m going to go eat some cake.

8 thoughts on “A Blast from the Past

  1. Not a plastic bubble; some plastic tarp stuff — my parents were painting the room, and I wanted to play the piano. πŸ˜€ (I don't know why I just didn't move the plastic…)


  2. WOW!! Where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday that we were living the memories that these photos bring back. One of my all time favorites is the one of you on the fish! (I think that was somewhere in Nevada…) Hope you have another very happy birthday!
    Love, Dad


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