Library Loot 2010-25

I have come to a decision: I will not. check. out. books. in the month of August. I have a GINORMOUS backlog of ARCs and other books I want to read that I own, and I really, seriously, honestly, need to read them. I have a problem: library books always take precedence: I work best under deadlines, and the library conveniently provides one for me. But that means the other books, the ones without deadlines pile up, staring at me from their shelves, reminding me of the commitment I made to actually buy or request them. (Library books are much to alluring for their own good….)

So, I’m going to be a good girl, and call this one my last checkout (of middle grade/YA/adult fiction for me; I’ll still get stuff for the girls), except for Demon’s Covenant, which I’m waiting for. And I’m going to spend the next month reading the ones I already have. (I hope.)

Picture Books:
Angelina and the Royal Wedding , by Katharine Holabird/Illus. by Helen Craig
The Book That Eats People, by John Perry/Illus. by Mark Fearing
The Little Moon Princess, by YJ Lee
Marco Flamingo Under the Sea, by Shelia Jarkins
When Stella Was Very, Very Small, by Marie-Louise Gay
My Mother Is So Smart, by Tomie dePaola

Easy Readers:
Beans Baker Bounces Back, by Richard Torrey
Little Witch Goes to School , by Debora Hautzig/Illus. by Sylvie Wickstrom
The Curse of the Cobweb Queen: An Otto & Uncle Tooth Adventure , by Geoffrey Hayes
Amanda Pig, Schoolgirl, by Jean Van Leeuwen/Illus. Ann Schweninger

Middle Grade Fiction:
Alchemy and Meggy Swann, by Karen Cushman
The Dancing Pancake, by Eileen Spinelli
The Last Best Days of Summer, by Valerie Hobbs
Frankly, Frannie, by AJ Stern/Illus by Coreen Mulryon Marts

YA Fiction:
Blue Bloods (Blue Bloods, Book 1), by Melissa de la Cruz
The Cardturner, Louis Sachar

Adult Fiction
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, by Winifred Watson

The New Birth Order Book: Why You Are the Way You Are, by Dr. Kevin Leman

The roundup is either at Adventures of an Intrepid Reader or The Captive Reader. Obligatory FTC note: the links are provided through my Amazon Associates account. If you click through and actually purchase one of these books, I’ll get a teeny, tiny payment. But, since no one ever does, and it’s SO much easier using the associates account to put up these links, I’m going to keep doing it.

10 thoughts on “Library Loot 2010-25

  1. Melissa, I'm WITH YOU on this! I know I will probably give in and check out SOME books in August (I'm at the library every day, after all), but I already suspended all my holds until 8/31 and I'm going to try not to check out any more for quite a while. 🙂


  2. Loved this post! It made me want to go to the library! 🙂 Love reading your blog (just added it to my blogroll). Happy reading! Can't wait to hear what you think of the books you're reading.


  3. I've forced myself not to get things from the library the last few months. And because of that I've done a good job reading down my shelves. I hope to keep on with that!


  4. I hear you! I have way too many books to read already and yet I still take books out of the library. I need those deadlines too! (Although these days I keep returning books to the library unread!)


  5. I'm not sure I can promise not to check out books from the library, but I have absolutely vowed not to purchase another book for at least a month!

    I hope your self-imposed ban allows you time to catch up on lots of reading 🙂


  6. Good luck with not checking anything out. That's practically impossible for me!

    I've heard good things about the Blue Blood series but I'm kind of over the whole teen vamp scene….

    Great finds! Enjoy!


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