Sunday Salon: Reading and Vacations

We just got back from vacation about a week ago, and I’ve found myself musing over my reading habits.

While on vacation, I managed to read 5 1/2 books. Since we’ve been home, only 2. I think a lot depended on where we went: we went to my in-laws’ house, a place with much to do for the children (and a lot of cousins to run around with), and my girls are old enough that they really don’t need much supervision at all. (Though I think K watched the same 3 movies the whole time!) So, I was left with lots of time on my hands to read as much as I want.

It’s interesting, though: Hubby went on the same vacation to the same place and didn’t even get through one book. Perhaps it was because it was his family; he spent his time chatting with his brothers (and playing D&D), not sitting on the couch, reading.

All this makes me wonder, though: do you read more when you’re on vacation, or less? What kinds of books do you take? If it all “depends”, what does it depend on?

I’m interested to hear your thoughts.


11 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Reading and Vacations

  1. I usually read several books on vacation. However, on this current vacation my beloved is dragging me away to do something called “fishing” and something else that involves picking up scallops.

    I want a beach chair, an umbrella and a stack of books. I brought Gaiman on vacation with me because I thought he would make it interesting.


  2. It definitely depends on what kind of vacation it is. When I was in school, my family would periodically take trips to Florida and we'd stay on this island with literally nothing but a hotel (no restaurants, no shops, no TV, etc.). Reading on the beach was practically a prerequisite! I also tend to get reading done if I have flights because there's a lot of waiting around.

    However, if I'm going somewhere to visit a friend or traveling for something specific (a conference, a wedding, etc.), I don't usually get any reading done except for on planes (or audiobooks for road trips!).

    I always pack books (yes, usually more than one, just in case I finish one or don't like one), but I try to only take paperbacks because they're not as heavy. 🙂 (Maybe someday I'll have an eReader and that won't be an issue!)


  3. It's interesting because I just realized I read more when I'm teaching than when I'm off during summers. I have more free time (obviously) during the summer time, but I tend to be out and about – socializing, kayaking, traveling, or just plain veggie and catching up on my movie rentals since I don't get around to that during the school year.


  4. A reading staycation, Cass? Sounds delightful. And Charlotte, I have a hard time reading at my parents' house, too: perhaps it has something to do with visiting the family we grew up with ?

    Christina — I find I get more reading done during the school year, too. But I always attributed it to it being dark and cold. I don't often want to go out and read when it's so lovely outside.

    Amanda — I don't usually get much reading done when it's just my family on vacation; too busy being Mom. This vacation was unusual that way.

    And Abby, I always take books with me, too, wherever I go. I'm not that interested in an eReader for flights, though: I prefer to read during takeoff and landing and you just can't do that with an eReader!


  5. I guess it does depend on the type of vacation….but I read a lot on airplanes, even more when in the car!! It's captive reading time. It also depends on the books for me too. Some are beach reads, fast paced books that lend themselves to travel while others are deeper and need more thinking time.

    We read the last Harry Potter as we traveled from Kirtland, Ohio to Arizona three years ago. It was a shame to have heads buried in books through such amazing country but we were ALL into the story. That's a memory we all share now and we laugh at our conversations we had at each stop or when we had to come up for air!

    Now, back to our regularly scheduled reading….


  6. I don't have the opportunity to vacation much but I think if I were to travel down to Florida to visit my parents I might have the time to read much more while there. I don't know that I'd have a plan for which books to take but probably would depend on mode of transportation, I wouldn't bring huge books (if traveling by train) because they'd likely be too heay to carry around. I'd also bring less in quantity under those circumstances.

    Glad you enjoyed your vacation!


  7. I'm on vacation now!! 🙂 For me, depends on where I am. Here at my inlaws, usually I can read a lot but I have to have the right books. There is always something to do/someone to play with and so if I'm not super engaged, I tend to not pick things up. Sometimes, though, I'll read 4 in a week 🙂 On a cruise vacation? LOTS 🙂


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