KidlitCon 2010!

I didn’t get to bed until midnight last night, for a variety of reasons — Hubby’s out of town, K took a late-late nap which messed everything up, I was watching a Bollywood movie — or else it would have occurred to me earlier to write up a post about KidlitCon 2010!

*smacks head*

It’s announced! Yay! (If you can’t tell from the button, it’s October 22-23rd in Minneapolis. I’ve never been to Minneapolis, only through the airport, and that alone is enough to excite me.)

And, I’m telling you people: I’ve only been to one, but given the choice between going to anorher KidlitCon and my 20th High School reunion, I’m strongly leaning toward the former rather than the latter. It’s a great experience: meeting fabulous people, talking about interesting things, experiencing a shared love and interest in children’s and young adult literature.

I promise you, if you can find a way to get to Minneapolis (after all your BEA and ALAing), it’ll be more than worth your time and effort and money.

Don’t forget to follow them: the KidlitCon blog, and on Facebook and Twitter. Hope to see as many of you as I can there!

2 thoughts on “KidlitCon 2010!

  1. I skipped my 25th high school reunion last year to go to kidlitcon, and had no regrets! Meeting you (and everyone else) was so much more worthwhile…I'm planning on going this year too.


  2. I'm 100% bummed that all of my BEA and ALAing is going to keep me from KidlitCon this year. Though, I don't fly so that makes it difficult to get to MN too! I have to wait until it's on the East Coast again at some point. I imagine it'll be out West for the 2011 version.

    I hope you get to go and that you have a fabulous time 🙂


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