Something, Maybe

by Elizabeth Scott
ages: 13+
First sentence: “Everyone’s seen my mother naked.”
Review copy given to me by the author at KidlitCon 09.
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Hannah has the most obnoxious parents on the planet. Her mother spends the day in various states of undress chatting over webcam with fans of her long-canceled TV show. Her father is Jackson, reality TV star, philanderer, and all-out jerk. Hannah has spent the past five years, ever since she and her mother moved to Slaterville after the death of Hannah’s stepfather Jose, trying to be invisible. And she’s mostly succeeded.

Except that means she doesn’t really talk to her crush (her “soul-mate”), Josh, whether at work or at school. However, her invisibility (or her terribly outrageous parents) doesn’t stop Finn — obnoxious, irritating Finn — from talking to Hannah. It’s everything she can do to keep it all together when it seems everyone around her is slowly falling apart.

Well, actually, that’s not quite right. Something, Maybe is a straight up romance, the kind of book that you’d expect from Sarah Dessen or Maureen Johnson. And as a straight up romance, it works wonderfully. Yes, it’s a bit predictable — I figured out how the ending would go and there was really no surprises, even with her incredibly wacky parents — but, it’s a good, solid, enjoyable, fun, and yes, hot (or at least I found it to be hot) romance. Aside from the parents, I found the relative lack of disturbed, broken, or otherwise damaged characters to be quite refreshing. They’re pretty normal teens doing pretty normal teen stuff. Works for me.

And you can’t ask much more of that out of a YA romance, can you?

3 thoughts on “Something, Maybe

  1. I liked this one, too, for the same reason I loved the author's Perfect You. Everyone knows how it'll turn out, but the fun is in watching it, and for a YA romance, the guy is pretty realistic. (AKA, he doesn't sparkle.)

    I 'bout died every time Finn tried to talk to her and chickened out. And he was always the one *doing* something for Hannah rather than standing around talking about it like Josh. Awesome.


  2. I recived the audio-book version of this at Kidlitcon and immediately started to listen and I have to say I didn't get into the romance at all. I will say that my impression of the story was seriously tainted by the narrator. She was not very good at all unfortunately.

    I may try and read it (as I'd already had the book on my shelves prior to the weekend) and see if I can get a better feeling for the story.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. πŸ™‚


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