Trail of Crumbs

Hunger, Love, and the Search for Home
by Kim Sunee
ages: adult
First sentence: “Let me start by saying where I am.”

Perhaps I was influenced by Corinne’s and Lilly’s reviews of this book. Perhaps if I hadn’t read those, I would still have had the same reaction to the book. As it was, I couldn’t make it even 50 pages into it.

Many of Corinne’s and Lilly’s complaints are mine: Kim Sunee is unsympathetic, she tells more than shows, she’s not even very good — for a food memoir — at describing the smells, tastes, and feel of the food she’s cooking, eating or enjoying.

Honestly, I skipped around, read the ending, and chalked it up to me being much less hip, much less interested in self-discovery than the book wants from me.

There are better food memoirs out there, and better ways to spend my time.

7 thoughts on “Trail of Crumbs

  1. I read enough negative reviews a couple of months ago that I decided not to bother with this one. You're all confirming my decision.

    I don't like it when a book with so much potential is so disappointing.


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