A Middle Grade Fiction Panel Squee

Can I tell you how ridiculously excited I am about this?

Not only did the Cybils folk let me participate again this year, they let me be on the same panel that I was last year. Which thrills me to no end. On top of that (as if it could get any better!), look at the panelists:

Panel Organizer: Kerry Millar, Shelf Elf

Panelists (Round I Judges):

Sherry Early, Semicolon
Melissa Fox, Book Nut
Abby Johnson, Abby the Librarian
Kyle Kimmal, The Boy Reader
Becky Laney, Becky’s Book Reviews
Sarah Mulhern, The Reading Zone
Sandra Stiles, Musings of a Book Addict

Awesome, no? Three of us are returning from last year (*waving* Hi, Sherry and Sarah!) AND I get to be on a panel with two of my most favorite bloggy people in the whole world! I don’t know Kyle or Sandra at all, but I’m sure I’ll get to know them MUCH better over the course of the next two (or so months)!

Oh, and don’t forget the very cool judges:

Round II Judges:

Kimberly Baker, Wagging Tales
Stacy Dillon, Welcome to my Tweendom
Monica Edinger, Educating Alice
David Elzey, Excelsior File
Kerry Millar (see panel organizer)


Remember, also, you can still nominate books through the 15th: keep ’em coming! I can’t wait to read what you nominate. šŸ˜€


9 thoughts on “A Middle Grade Fiction Panel Squee

  1. Awesome! The Cybils sound like so fun. I really wish I could have been on the panel for YA or Fantasy/Sci-fi or Graphic Novels, but without having access to a library I'd have to buy all the books I'd have to read, which is just impossible. Maybe one day when I'm rich šŸ˜› Have fun!!


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