In the Midst of BBAW

I happen to be having a birthday. And, in honor of that, I’m giving you another 25 things about me! (Because, you know that’s exactly what you wanted on my birthday!)

1. You all know I read and write. But what else do I do with my time?
2. I have dabbled with: cross-stitching, sewing clothes and home decor, painting, photography, and scrapbooking.
3. I have never: knitted or crocheted.
4. I feel guilty about that, since they’re much more practical than the stuff I have dabbled with.
5. Not enough to pick it up, though.
6. But, lately, my real passion (outside of books and blogging, of course) is food.
7. I’m not a gourmet or a foodie, and I’m no good at inventing recipes, but I love to cook.
8. I’m a weird stay-at-home mom that way: making dinner is one of my favorite things to do.
9. There’s something calming and creative in the throwing together of ingredients to create something delicious.
10. Bad mom moment: even though I need to teach them to cook, I actually DON’T like it when my kids want to help.
11. It throws me off my groove.
12. Sure, dinner’s gone in 10 minutes… but it’s totally worth it for those 10 minutes
13. (Which means my new hero is Julia Child. She totally rocks.)
14. General cooking is great, but what I really really love is baking.
15. Bread, rolls, cake, cookies, doughnuts, sweetbreads… if it goes in the oven, I’m SO there.
16. I used to say that there was no way I could do the Atkin’s diet because I. Live. For. Bread.
17. I bake bread every week for the family to use.
18. I started doing this because there’s high-fructose corn syrup in the store-bought loaves, and I’m anti-high-fructose-corn syrup as much as possible.
19. But now I do it because I love baking bread.
20. There’s something calming and creative in the throwing together of ingredients to create something delicious.
21. Someday, I’ll even own a baking stone and learn how to bake artisan bread.
22. Until then, I’ll just keep frequenting Panera…
23. And perfecting my cake-making skills.
24. Mmmm…. cake. Life is better with (good) cake.
25. Want to know what cake I’m making me for my birthday? This. Crossing my fingers that it’ll work out.


25 thoughts on “In the Midst of BBAW

  1. Happy Birthday!

    It's freaky how much high-fructose corn syrup is in food these days. When you start looking for it, it's everywhere! I had to switch tomato soups when I found it as one of the very first ingredients in the one I was normally buying.



  2. OMG I don't like it when my daughter helps cook me either. I think it's the control freak/perfectionist in me. And I LOVE baking bread. It's my new favorite cooking activity!

    Knitting is fun. It's very relaxing!

    And your cake sounds DELICIOUS! Post a picture so I can drool! 🙂



  3. You are so much…nicer? more philosophical? about the rapidly-disappearing-food thing. I grew up cooking for 7 people, 4 of them guys. I now do not, EVER, cook for guys. They eat too fast!


  4. Oh yum! Happy Birthday!

    I too love to bake, but I am sick to death of making dinners. I don't see myself getting out that any time soon though.

    I don't make bread all the time, though I dream about it a lot. But I do make rolls every Sunday… usually. Except the yeast didn't work last week, and they were disgusting. It happens.

    Have a wonderful day! 🙂


  5. Happy Birthday!

    Have you checked out the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day book yet? I have it out from my library now. I haven't baked anything yet, but it looks promising. No kneading though, so if that's the part you like, you might not like the book.


  6. Happy birthday!

    Wow, you bake bread? I don't think you should be afraid of artisan breads — the only bread I've made successfully, more than once, is foccacia. It's very simple! And can be dressed up, etc., with different things added to the dough or on top. I'm scared of baking real bread in the oven.


  7. Happy birthday!! I used to live baking too, but I found out in June I'm allergic to gluten. :/ But now I'm getting to the acceptance stage, so I'm going to try some GF baking soon! (It's hard since I also live at 6,000+ ft!)


  8. Happy belated birthday! This was a really interesting list. I'm a baker too, but I tend to gravitate towards sweet stuff. I've only made bread a couple of times. I'm impressed that you do it so often!


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