Growing Up

M is 13 today.

(I’m mildly freaking out because that means there’s a teenager in the house. Eek!)

She was 8 when I started this blog, and has been the one daughter to feature prominently on it (I love C, A, and K, and as they grow — if I’m still blogging — I’m sure they’ll find their way onto the pages here). But M has been here because she’s a reader, and that is something I love about her (among others).

I know it’s not a tradition for moms to make birthday wishes, but I’m going to make them just the same:

I hope that because we share the love of books, and in many instances the love of the same books, that we’ll be able to weather the next 5 years or so better than I weathered them with my mom.

I hope that as she goes on in school that she won’t forget the love of reading, that she’ll be able to make the time to continue to read, and be willing to continue to come to me and say “Mom! You HAVE to read this book! It’s awesome.”

I hope that I’ll always make time to hear her.

I’m blessed and lucky to have the girls that I do. I hope I can treat them as well as they deserve. (I love this song…)

Happy Birthday, M!


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