Library Loot #25

A piddly small week this week because (gasp!) we’ve been very bad about reading to A and K. We tend to get off schedule in the summer… and stay up late… and watch too much TV. (Even A’s watching Robin Hood with us… on an unrelated aside, Richard Armitage is totally winning me over as Guy. He is definitely list-worthy.) Sigh.

What I did come home with:

For A/K:
My Friend is Sad (An Elephant and Piggie Book), by Mo Willems**
I Love My New Toy! (An Elephant and Piggie Book), by Mo Willems**
Crazy Hair, by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean**
OK Go, by Cain Berger

For M (and me… I want to get to them)
Goddess Boot Camp, by Tara Lynn Childs*
Fragile Eternity, by Melissa Marr*

For Hubby:
Shop Class as Soulcraft, by Matthew B. Crawford

For the road trip:
Inkheart (it’s the audiobook; we told C she couldn’t see the movie until she read the book. She balked — she’s not that into reading really long books — and so we came up with a compromise: we’ll listen to the book on the way down to Dallas and back. She liked that…)

The roundup is either at Reading Adventures or A Striped Armchair.

*Ones that M eventually read.
**Picture books we really liked.


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