48 Hour Book Challenge Update 3

Well, I have a conundrum. It’s now 10:20, and I just finished (well a half hour ago) my last book. My time is up at 8 a.m. Do I want to stay up latelatelate and read one more book… or do I want to throw in the towel (I should total up my time first and see if I’ve made 20 hours yet) and call it a two days?


Totals since I last posted:
Reading time: 5 1/2 hours
Blogging time: 50 minutes
Pages read: 746

4 thoughts on “48 Hour Book Challenge Update 3

  1. Ah, I didn't stay up latelatelate… part of me regrets that now.

    And Wrighty, it's because I have an AWESOME husband who helped me out LOTS these last two days. He's awesome.


  2. That'll be my conundrum tonight, I'm sure. My time officially ends Monday morning at 7am. I will probably choose to stay up latelatelate (but I don't have kids or a husband who are affected by me doing nothing but reading, so…).

    Great job, Melissa!


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