And Now We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Program

Back when I first did 25 things about me, Pam left a comment that I took as a challenge: to do, eventually, 75 more to get to 100. I took the challenge seriously, and determined to do another set… as soon as I could think up a decent theme. It hit me last night, on the way to yoga.

1. If you’ve known me for any length of time (and this probably spills over into my blogging), you know I have a “thing” for dark-haired, British actors.
2. I haven’t always been this way.
3. When I was in high school, I had enormous crushes on Michael J. Fox, Richard Dean Anderson and the blond-haired guy from Simon and Simon.
4. I had posters of all of them (and INXS) on my walls.
5. I also had one entire wall that was covered in comic strips cut out from the newspaper. But I digress.
6. So, obviously, my taste in actor crushes (which I “always” have had) has evolved.
7. I can pinpoint my dark-haired, British fixation to 1995, when a slew of Jane Austen adaptations came out.
8. I “fell in love” with: Colin Firth (Mr. Darcey), Jeremy Northam (Mr. Knightley) and Ciaran Hines (Captain Wentworth). And to a lesser extent Alan Rickman (Colonel Brandon… but he doesn’t count since I’ve liked him since the horrid Kevin Costner Robin Hood.)
9. I say “fell in love”, but it was more like appreciating fine art. I admire them. I enjoy looking at them. Watching movies they are in make me happy.
10. I am not a stalker. (Yet?)
11. I started tracking down everything they were in, because I’m that sort of person. Which means I’ve watched some pretty bad movies. (And have thought to myself: hey, Ciran Hines/Jeremy Northam is in that; I should see it!)
12. Colin Firth makes the best case for himself out of period clothes.
13. In other words: no matter how bad the movie is, I still like him. The others, I seem to only like in period dress.
14. For years and years, it was just those three.
15. I have adored others, though — most notably Viggo Mortenson (Aragon) and Orlando Bloom (Will Turner, not Legolas) — but nowhere near as much as the original Three.
16. And, generally, my interest seems to wane over time. (Sorry, Orlando.) Or just be limited to one movie.
17. I would add Daniel Radcliff to the list, but a friend of mine has a formula for how young is too young — take half your age and add seven years — and Dan falls outside that limit for me. I’m practially old enough to be his mom (though I would have been a teenage mom), and that’s probably a bit skanky.
18. Then this year, I’ve found others to adore and have found myself reacting in nearly the same way as I did originally: Jonas Armstrong (Robin Hood), Hugh Dancy (Grigg in The Jane Austen Book Club), and Elliot Cowan (Mr. Darcey in Lost in Austen.)
19. Which begs the question: what is it about dark-haired British men in period clothing?
20. I’m so taken with it that if I could go back and re-do my wedding, I’d make everyone wear period (preferrably Regency, but I’d go for Renaissance, too) clothing.
21. Thankfully, I’m married to a guy who’d go for that. And who doesn’t mind my actor-obsessions.
22. There is one exception, though: Brendan Fraser. He is dark-haired, but he’s not British. He’s not even a terribly brilliant actor. But he is imminently watchable, even in the really stupid movies he’s been in.
23. And I think he’s cute when he’s dirty and sweaty and smiles that smile of his.
24. Someday, I’ll probably look back on all this and cringe.
25. But then, someday, I’ll act my actual age and not like I’m 16. But, thankfully (?), that’s not quite yet.


13 thoughts on “And Now We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Program

  1. MMM…dark haired British guys. I’m surprised that Richard Armitage from “North and South” is not on your list. He’s one of my sisters’ and my’s favorites. I’m also a sucker for anything with Ioan Gruffudd in it.


  2. I was just coming here to ask if you’ve seen <>North and South<> since Richard Armitage wasn’t on your list. But I’m too late. Although it is good that bookwormans wrote his name, because I wouldn’t have remembered it.


  3. Richard Armitage is in Robin Hood as Guy Gisborne, and I have to admit he’s not terribly impressive there. North and South, however, is on my Netflix queue after we finish Robin Hood. Perhaps he’ll end up on that list, too.


  4. I like your friend’s formula for how young is too young. Fortunately Daniel Radcliffe is <>not<> too young for me (I was worried for a bit before I did the math).


  5. Okay, I finally watched North and South (all in one sitting, BTW), and I admit: Richard Armitage is worthy of the dark-haired British men in period clothes (he’s even growing on me as Guy in Robin Hood). All I have to say about the miniseries is: MAN that was one hard-earned kiss.


  6. LOL about British men in period costumes. Really LOL!!!! Not making fun of you and your tastes at all, it was just fun reading about it. Me, I am not that much into British men at all, they’re too much like Danish men, and I see them every day ;o)


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