My New Favorite Movie

I know I have a thing for Austen movie adaptations. I’ve seen them all — or at least most of them — and I adore every single one (or at least most of them). But, I think this one has to be my current favorite: Lost in Austen. It was a BBC/ITV miniseries (I think it aired here in America back in March…), and the premise was quite simple: take Elizabeth out of the story, and stick a modern woman — Amanda Price — into the story. They turn the story up on its head — no one is exactly who they seem, and the story doesn’t go quite right — with references not only to the book, but to the Colin Firth miniseries as well. (There’s a brilliant scene — you get a glimpse of it about 30 seconds into the trailer — playing off the lake scene in the mini-series. Brilliantly funny.)

It was a fun romp, and I have to admit I like Elliot Cowan’s Darcy…
What is it about a dark-haired British guy in Regency dress??

Okay, yeah, this is just me being a ga-ga about another Austen flick, but really: it’s quite fun. Really fun.

10 thoughts on “My New Favorite Movie

  1. You’re right, Tricia, Amanda did grate. (Her hair, especially.) But I was able to look past it, for the most part, and it didn’t get in the way of me having a good time with the movie. 🙂


  2. bookworm4life says:

    I’ve only see snippets but I can’t wait to see the whole thing. What I saw I also loved. Amanda didn’t bother me, but maybe she will once I see it all. Her hair was pretty weird, though.


  3. I watched this a while ago and really enjoyed it! I thought it was funny and touching. I did wonder how it was all going to be resolved, and yes, Amanda wasn’t necessarily the strongest character in the series. Loved Mr Bennett – thought he was hysterical!


  4. You’d be surprised to learn that Elliot Cowan actually has blond, [really] curly hair. He looks good either way, but I agree with you about a dark-haired Brit in Regency attire. 😉


  5. I was, actually, littleyuzu. We did some searching on the internet after we watched it, just to see about Elliot Cowan. (And I was a tad disappointed). Still… doesn’t change the fact that that wig looks good on him. 🙂


  6. Okay, that looks brilliant. Esp. the lake scene (also wonderfully referenced in the 2nd Bridget Jones book).

    Is it a nerdy thing to be excited that I have the same edition of P&P as Amanda?


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