Let the BoB begin

Tomorrow, the Battle of the (Kids) books will begin. (YAY!) Abby (and others) helpfully alerted me to this (really cool) idea, and I’ve been following along on their blog. They’ve been introducing this week’s judges, and have put up a popular opinion poll so the rest of us can choose who should win (but not necessarily who will…) (As of right now, Hunger Games is out in the lead in the poll…)

The official battle begins tomorrow with Roger Sutton deciding between Octavian Nothing II and Ways to Live Forever… I would venture into the predictions game, but I learned (very early one while watching football) that if I voice my preferences, the ones I *really* want to win will most likely loose. (Though if you’re interested in predictions, check out Book Bracketology.) As for me, I’m just going to sit back, quietly root for my favorites, and enjoy the show.

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